3 Films to Watch This Easter

This Easter, there are a handful of newer films that would be excellent choices to watch with your family and loved ones (aside from old standards like The Ten Commandments featuring Charlton Heston). While nothing replaces reading the Gospels to better understand your faith and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, films do have a way of communicating the Gospel story narrative in new ways, especially to kids and those who may not yet fully grasp the power of the life of Jesus Christ.

Christian Filmmakers Have the Same Challenge as Secular Filmmakers – Avoid B.A.D. Filmmaking

I spent a week in January attending the 2014 Sundance Film Festival where 5,000 films and 8,000 short films were submitted for only a handful of screening slots. It’s always an interesting mix of features, documentaries, shorts and well, people. Watching these movies, I thought of how often I get asked the question, “Why are Christian TV and movies so bad?” But after a week at Sundance, trust me, it’s not just Christians making bad films. It’s a virus that affects everyone.