LED Video Walls: 4 Reasons Your Church Should Consider One

Over the last two decades, congregations have engaged in worship through added visual elements during services.  Eyes that once were focused down on a hymnal are now more often looking up at wall-projected content. Lately, many churches have decided to take this a step further by installing LED video walls in their sanctuaries. These video walls enable church leaders t

Church Marketing Trends for 2019

As we transition into 2019 there are some marketing strategies on the horizon that will redefine the face of the church. More importantly, how we embrace these marketing strategies will directly impact the growth and attendance of our churches.

7 Tips to Improve Your Church Sound System

Whatever the method or capacity for projecting the message, our sound systems can be a blessing and a curse. How do we keep the environment from sounding like a goose getting sucked into an oversized vacuum hose or the equivalent of an audio apocalypse from the feedback of a 1,000 hearing aids at a geriatric convention? Glad you asked.

Church Streaming on a Budget

Personal testimonies have always been powerful in the process of one person sharing their redemptive story with others. Over millennia civilizations, cultures and people of faith have perpetuated foundational t... Read More...