Dan Stevers has always had a passion for the visual arts. He started out studying fine art in college, and then moved towards graphic design. But it was while he was in college that he felt God nudging him to volunteer for video work and Christian media at his church.

That’s what started Dan on a new career path – creating high quality films for churches and ministries.

Every project comes from a personal place in his life. He doesn’t just jump on every good idea – he feels that a deep personal connection is what helps give his videos strength. Even now, he still feels insecurity as he makes his films. But he knows that God has called him to this, and that videos have a lot of impact and offer a chance to influence people and change their lives.

He encourages other artists to be vulnerable in their work and to tell their own story.

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You can find Dan Stevers online at www.danstevers.com, use coupon code CMM15 for 15% off through the end of February.

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Author: CMM Staff