“This is Our Time” is a new Christian movie starring Fireproof’s Erin Bethea, Erik Estrada from Chips. The plot summary reads: “It’s a coming-of-age film about five friends who have just graduated from college and plan to make a difference in the world. Their ambitions are high and their passions are strong, but when they are tested – will they have enough courage and faith to guide them through challenges, temptations, and heartbreaking decisions? Or is the sacrifice they are asked to pay just too high?”

Knowing that it was a Christian production from Pure Flix Entertainment,I decided to have my kids join me and my wife in watching. While the plot as written is vague, it still seems to be bit heavy for kids, but it kept their attention throughout the duration and they reported to me that they enjoyed the movie.

Having passed the kid test, will it pass the non-believer test? I would hope that a person who is not a Christian would be able to watch this film and be able to appreciate and enjoy the storyline and even have it challenge their belief systems. That is probably the goal of most Christian projects. Having said that, “This is Our Time” will most likely appeal more to those who are already in “fold” of Christianity.

The conviction of Christians who watch the film will be tested as it is with the primary characters. Without giving away too much, we learn early on in the film that one of the graduates will pass away in a short period. In my screenwriting class, I recall my friend who had already gone through film school asking me if I killed someone in my first writing assignment. It is a common source of conflict for storytelling, but perhaps the most effective one. So we know that one character will die, but are wondering who it will be until halfway through the movie. Once it is revealed, you will have become fully invested in the lives of these personalities.

I thought that the whole point of the movie came by the mouth of the professor (Bruce Marchiano) when he said, “That’s the problem with calling. Too often we think of it as something we’re meant to do, when really it’s something we’re meant to be.” And later he continues, “So then in this moment when you are asking a lot of questions that you’ll never have the answers to, the most important question is “Who is God asking me to be?” That is a powerful thought and question for Christians to consider as we go through our daily lives. We may not have the same problems these five friends go through, but the same important question remains.

Check out This is Our Time for yourself! Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?

(Reviewed by CMM Editor, Greg Fish)

Author: Gregory Fish

Greg is the Creative Media Designer at GNPI and is also an independent filmmaker.