There are generally quite a few churches that are still delayed in the idea of using social media as a platform to spread the gospel. Quaint methods of advertising or spreading the gospel is still the order of the day. Despite it being effective, it is slow in progression. Slow adoption by churches results in the prospects of loosing the younger generation audience. Today’s generation only want to look at what they need to see and not waste anytime. Less really is more and directing people to what they need to know speedily is critically important.  We need to stay relevant in our use of media platforms, hence the use of Facebook.

Good Design

The church must be prepared to invest finances into having a professional person, specialising in the logistics of a Facebook page. The church’s Facebook page should be captivatingly colourful, as well as informative. It should accurately reflect what the visiting guest would experience upon attending a church service. It will cause the reader to habitually want to be on this church’s Facebook page for updates on events. Professional photos as well as informal cell phone shots make for a good mix, and all church events should be represented.

Videos and Facebook Live

Our generation of people have increasingly become time conscious. The making of videos should be short clips between thirty seconds to two minutes. It needs to appeal to both Millennial and older age groups. Make sure that all church activities, departments, and services are well-represented.


Many churches still accept the old method of their members giving their tithes and offerings in cash. The use of the new methods of banking needs to be promoted in churches, such as a card swipe machine in the church, online giving, or giving directly through Facebook via the “donation” option on the church page. Another giving option is Crowdfunding, which an be a fun and effective method to use to raise funds for any event related to special projects in the church; crowdfunding campaigns can be easily shared out on Facebook.


An abridged written version of the Sermon can be made available on the Facebook page. A video recording of the sermon can also be put on the Facebook page, or the church can even use the Facebook Live service to live-stream the church service.

Event Times and Dates

It is often the expectation that a church be available to everyone at all times. People forget that the church staff, including the Pastor, also have families to attend to. The times of the church services can be posted on Facebook, as well as the hours of the church office. The “event” feature can be used to create notifications about special events that the church is holding.


Children play an integral part of society, and of the church. They are the now generation. Families are often drawn to a church that has a lot of children or a vibrant children’s ministry. However, it’s important to have a clear and accurate understanding the effects that Facebook can have on children. Every church should get prior permission from the parents to put up photos on Facebook of their children.

It is in the interest of every church to keep abreast of the relevant and ever-changing forms of social media, and understanding people’s needs in order to better reach the world.

Lynne Wareley and her husband are the pastoral couple at The Full Gospel Church in Kensington, Cape Town, South Africa. They have been married for 22 years and have one amazing daughter, Cherith. Lynne is currently studying a degree in Theology (BTh). Her blog is motivational and specifically for The Pastor’s Wife. You can also connect with Lynne on Facebook.

Author: CMM Staff