For those of you who have Android and Windows devices, aren’t you sick of hearing people talk about cool apps for the IPhone and other Apple products? My guess is you are. All too often people get wrapped up in talking about the great features of Apple devices while completely neglecting all of the awesome apps and capabilities of top Android and Windows products. For you Android users out there, you know how difficult and annoying this can be; great, your friend who has an Apple product shows you some amazing apps—but what about you?! What amazing apps can you get in order to make your life better and more efficient? To combat this frustration, here are the top 10 Android and Windows mobile apps for church leaders.

#10 Twitter

Church leaders should find ways to communicate with the people in the church, and Twitter can be a great way to do this. In a limited number of characters, you can quickly reach out to many members (if they have a twitter account, of course). Anything from upcoming events, inspirational quotes, or short encouragements work great on Twitter. It can help reinforce sermons and spread news about what’s going on at the church. Essentially, it’s just another way to spread communications and make sure members are being ministered to. The best part about it—it’s free!

#9 Facebook

Of course, Facebook is another must have app for church leaders. Like all social media sites, it allows people to communicate and interact with other people. It’s widely popular and the majority of church members will have an account and be on the site consistently. So, the mobile app will allow you to quickly upload pictures, respond to comments, update your status, and search for other pages. Many people even find that they use social media sites more on their phone than on their personal computers and laptops.

#8 Instagram

I know—I’m mentioning a lot of social media sites. That’s because I see a lot of untapped potential for ministry in these areas. The fact is millions of people are using these sites, which obviously includes the majority of people in your church. So why not engage with them on these platforms? Although Instagram seems to attract the younger crowd, it is then the perfect place for you to reach out to Middle School kids, High School, College, and young adults. This site is all about visual images so all you have to do is snap some photos with your phone and upload them. It’s a great place to have sermon graphics, behind the scenes of the church pictures, and inspirational quotes. Just remember, hashtags are important!!!

#7 Pinterest

Finishing up with the top social media site apps is Pinterest. It’s becoming increasingly popular, especially with women. It’s a place where you can share photos, albums, and other similar things that normally have something informational about it. There is a lot of fashion posts on it, recipes, do it yourself projects, etc. And, for churches, people have even spread photos of life at the church.

#6 Spotify

While working in the church office, throwing a fellowship gathering at your home, or just looking for some tunes to play while you study, Spotify is where you need to go. It’s free unless you purchase a premium subscription. With the free version, you get all the music they have to offer, but you will have to listen to commercials every handful of songs. Along with that, you will only be allowed to skip a certain number of songs per session. Even so, it’s almost unlimited music right on your phone. Perfect for listening to worship music in the office or playing some good Christian bands during a home group.

#5 Evernote

Evernote allows you to store all your notes, voice memos, and other files and sync them to a desktop computer. This is perfect because it allows you to take notes on your phone throughout the day and then easily upload them to your computer later on.

#4 DropBox

Chances are you share a lot of files. Whether it be paperwork for the church, sermon studies, pictures, or anything else, DropBox allows you to share larger files with people. However, the free version only gives you so much space to work with. If you run out, you either need to purchase more or delete some old files. It’s incredibly useful if you’ve found it difficult to fit certain files in an email.

#3 ToDoist – To Do List

This app allows you to be more productive by creating task lists and even scheduling them days in advance. Even better, though, it can sync up with data from places like DropBox and Google Drive!

#2 Amazon App

As you know, Amazon pretty much sells anything. When you have the app on your phone, it becomes even easier to purchase needed and or wanted items very fast. So, if you’re talking with someone about a good book they should read and you want to bless them, you can order it right then and there! That’s just one example, of course!

#1 Kindle App

You don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. Readers are leaders—but you don’t want to spend a fortune buying books to read. There are many free kindle books out there, though mainly classics. So download the app and get reading!

Final Thoughts

Android and Windows devices can compete with Apple products. If you’re one of the people who have not crossed over to Apple, rest assured; you can still find plenty of helpful apps! What other apps have helped you in ministry or your personal life? Share them in a comment below!

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Michael Krauszer

Author: Michael Krauszer

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