Miracles. It’s amazing whenever we experience them first hand, but hearing about someone else’s Miracles can also strengthen our faith. So I have compiled a list of my top five favorite Christian songs about miracles. There are many great songs about miracles, but these are just, in my opinion, the top five.

1. Miracles – Jesus Culture

In this song, Miracles by Jesus Culture, the singer is stating that God is the God of Miracles. That is so true, although it’s easy to forget it sometimes. When we’re going through the storms of life, we may struggle to see the miracles surrounding us. Sometimes all we need is to be reminded that God is the God of miracles.

2. I Need A Miracle – Third Day

This is an emotional song that tells two sides of a story. The first verse is about the wife who is worried that her husband will not come home and even though they fight she doesn’t want to lose him. So she falls to her knees and cries out to God for a miracle. The second verse is about the husband who is worried that he’s going to lose his wife and his kids. He’s already lost his job and everything else so he decides to drive into the woods and, in the words of the song, end it all. But before he can, he stops his truck and begs God for a miracle. At the end of the song, it states that they both received a miracle that night. When the struggle is so tough that we’re not sure if God can even perform a miracle big enough to pull us out of the mess we’re in, listening to a song form of someone else’s testimony can give us faith that God can do any miracle we could ever imagine or need.

3. Miracle Maker – Kim Walker-Smith

I love this song because the very first verse says that we have wounds that need to be healed and all we need is one touch from the miracle maker, who is God. Just like in the Bible when the woman with bleeding disease touched the end of Jesus’ cloak, and she was healed immediately, all we have to do is reach out and touch the end of Jesus’ cloak and, if we have faith, our wounds will be healed. Just like is stated in the first song, God is the God of miracles.

4. God of Miracles – Chris McClarney

This song is a prayer by the artist asking God to give him faith no matter what he feels. To give him faith in the unknown season; it’s a prayer that the God of Miracles will come down from heaven to show him a miracle. This song is an inspirational one because it lets us know that no matter what trials arise, God is bigger and stronger. When we don’t know what to do, turn to God and He will give us a miracle.

5. God of Miracles – Lead

This song is also a prayer, just like the last one. In the song, the artist is praying that God would do His work in her. She knows that because of true faith, something miraculous is about to happen. When we have genuine faith, that’s when the miracles take place.


The key to miracles is faith. You can’t have miracles if you don’t believe that there will be miracles. You have to have faith that God can do anything in the world. The Bible says that if we have faith like a mustard seed we can tell one mountain to move from here to there and it will move. All it takes is a little faith. There’s just something about hearing other’s testimonies of miracles that they have experienced that allows you to have more faith than you did. Maybe it’s because when others have experienced a miracle, it lets you think that it can happen to you too.  Music is an amazing form of communication.

Keep in mind that these are just my personal favorite songs about miracles. I would love to hear your favorites! Leave a comment below letting me know your favorite songs about miracles.

Tiana Franca is a 14-year-old writer/blogger who loves Jesus. Find her online at her website Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.


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Author: CMM Staff