Spring is here and summer is approaching fast! My schedule, like yours is already in full swing! As a youth pastor I am always on the go and when great ideas strike I don’t always have my laptop handy to get these ideas going.

Recently I have discovered a few video apps that have made my life much easier. I can now do much of the same kind of work on my phone that I can do on my laptop in the office. So whether I’m at Starbucks hanging out with students, at the hospital making visits or at camp chasing students down the beach I can now get work done while on the go. Here are the apps that I have found helpful.

Cute cut pro

This video app has been a life save for on the go video editing. I edited the end of week video from kids camp to show our church all on my phone with this app. It has some really great features and it is easy to use. You can layer multiple pictures, videos and sound tracks on multiple tracks. You can even add in different transitions between clips, slow down and speed up clips, rotate clips, control the transparency of clips and much more. It is a really powerful editor for your phone. This video app is only available for Apple devices.

FiLMiC Pro

If your into recording quality video on your phone you cannot go wrong with this video app. It lets you control the shutter speed, white balance, volume of mic, add on an external mic, and even lets you pull focus. And the all new remade interface makes using this app that much better. This video app will allow you to take your recordings to the next level with all of its features. While it won’t turn your phone into a $600 plus DSLR camera it will let you do more than the built in camera app on your phone. Available for both Apple and Android devices.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe has produced a great line up of mobile apps that will send your work to the Adobe desktop app that is comparable with it. Adobe Spark Post takes a photo from your camera roll, an Adobe stock photo or searches the Internet for a free picture of your topic and puts text in top of it. There are many options you can do with the text to make different looks with your picture. You can even have the the text animated and turn the pic into a short video. Take that and add it to Cute Cut Pro or a video editor of your choice and have an animated title for your video. The best part is that this app has templates for your favorite social media apps.

This video app has been a life saver for making announcements that I can easily throw onto my social media accounts in a pinch to get the word out about an upcoming event. If you haven’t already, you need to look at all the apps that Adobe has made for mobile devices. They really are quality apps that mirror Adobe’s quality desktop apps. This app is only available for Apple devices.

A mass media device that connects right to your phone

There are many types of these devices out now. Some connect via their own wifi signal or some connect right to your phone whether Android or Apple. They are great when you’ve loaded up your phone with pics and videos from camp or activities and you need to clear up some space for more. Most come have a proprietary app that you have to download that allows you to transfer pics and videos but these devices are great. Personally, I would look for one that has a regular USB plug on one side and the plug for your specific phone on the other. That way you can plug it right into your computer when you’re ready to dump all those pics and videos that have been eating up the space on your phone.

A portable battery

Face it, we have all been there. You are out on an activity and your look at your phone and realize you have 6% battery life left because your own kid was playing minecraft on your phone on the way to church. Portable batteries are great when you have no access to an outlet to charge your phone. There are many brands out there many different capacities. My recommendation is to get one that has multiple USB ports to plug in multiple devices, and one that will store more than one charge for your phone. I’ve seen some that advertise they will charge your phone up to 100% three times. I’m sure that there will be more out there with larger capacities but you will need to weigh capacity versus cost when looking to buy. On a side note, I’ve even seen chargers that run off of AA batteries. So when the batteries run out you can replace them with more AA batteries and keep charging your phone or volunteers phones too!

So as your busy upcoming summer stares you down in the ultimate staring contest to see who blinks first, get a head start by getting these video apps and extra devices for your phone. They will give you the ability to work on whatever you need to while on the go, cutting the time you have to be in the office after hours or in front of your laptop at home at the diner table tremendously. Your goal this summer should be to work smarter not harder or longer and spend more time with students and these apps will help.

Dan Kiefer is a husband and father of two daughters. He has been serving at a Minister of Students for 14 years where he uses his talents to produce graphics and video media for use in ministry. Connect with Dan on Twitter and Instagram at @Dankieferyp


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Author: CMM Staff