By Jason Curlee


A good part of winning any war is having a three pronged attack. It’s waging war on three fronts: land, sea, and air. The same is true with building your online presence. To win the war you’ve got to have a strong strategy.

I want to give you a three pronged online presence strategy. If you want your business to get traction and open you up to new clients/customers, more leads and grow your business then having an online presence strategy is important. The internet has allowed anyone and any business to go from nothing to something faster than anytime in history. The only problem is that most people/businesses think just being online is good enough. They through up a website. They get a Facebook page. Then they just keep going about their daily business.

Being online means nothing. Working an online presence strategy for your business, ministry, non-profit or simply your message is key.

How To Develop An Online Presence Strategy

  • Start With Your Website – It is important that you have a land you own. This is your land. You can do what you want on it. You can change it how you want it. You control the shots here. Your website is an important prong to your online presence strategy. Here’s the kicker. If it’s going to be a useful part you have to keep it updated and you have to incorporate some type of posting weekly. At least once a week is crucial. Twice a week even better. If you really want to create traction then post five times a week. This is the part that drives your SEO. This is what keeps your audience, as you build it, coming back. This is where you can really connect and serve your audience building trust. It’s also the place where you control the sale.
  • Drive and Build With Social Media – Our world is now driven by social media. It’s a fact we can’t escape. Really we’re only in the infancy of what can and will be. The later you get to the game someone else is already there and working it. They are building their audience and maybe even connecting with some of yours. My advice have a couple of platforms. If you are solo it’s extremely hard to be everywhere and do them well. If you can focus on two or three platforms that is key. With advertising Facebook and Twitter can present the biggest opportunities to grow your business and sale your product. A great social media strategy is being consistent as well as having a daily posting strategy.
  • Connecting With Email – This was really lacking when I started. I had the other one down but this one was hard. I’m still trying to do it well. First you need to build your list. Remember ultimately your goal is to use your social media and website prongs to drive people to here. Sending an email weekly is where you really get to speak to your audience with your message. This is potentially where you will drive your sale when you get really good at it. Learning out to master your message with the sale without coming off as salesy and pushing people away.

Three Pronged Attack

These three revolve around your message and you. At the heart of every business/product is a message. You goal is to always be increasing your influence, then getting them to know, like, and trust you.

Let me hear from you. Which one of these strategies is your strongest? Weakest?


Jason Curlee

Author: Jason Curlee

Bringing combined experiences in leadership, ministry, social media and business, Jason Curlee's passion for helping others excel and reach their dreams is evident as he strives to inspire, transform and elevate people to make a difference in their world. Online he’s always leveraged social media and blogging in creative ways to let his voice be heard and grow their ministries. He’s spent years creating and growing his various social media sites, learning how to effectively use and market them. With over 18 years of ministry experience with his wife, from leading thriving student ministries, coaching athletic teams, leading a public school as principal, beginning their own businesses to leading multi-site campuses for Bay Area Fellowship, it’s Jason’s passion for helping people reach their dream that drives him.