Jesus said it: “go and make disciples” There it is Matthew 28:19 but who is doing it?  Do you know someone who is ?  I’ve known a lot of Christians, for many years but I can’t say that they are making disciples. Where is it happening?…anywhere? Who is doing it well? In what church or ministry, by what group of people, program or denominations. Who cares about making disciples?

It was said recently that 80% of people are lost, whether that is true or not we can’t really know. we want to reach the lost and they need to be discipled. Our task is clear: “Go and make disciples” some call it “the great commission” and by almost every account is seems we are ignoring or just plain failing on the discipleship front. There are plenty of church members, do they count as disciples? People claim they are Christians, do they count?

Or perhaps that’s not for us, that was just for Jesus’s disciples, they were supposed to go unto all the nations and make disciples, but not us?

Let’s assume for a minute it is for us and that we want to go and make disciples. Where does one begin? Where do we go to make disciples? What does a disciple look like? Am I one? Who would want to be my disciple, for that matter who should be discipling me?

Should we be enlisting disciples? Jesus did, he hand picked his entire group ,even Judas.  And they changed the world. Of course He was Jesus. What should be our response? This is a sincere question that we should have an answer for.

Perhaps we should be doing it the way Jesus did it.  They seemed to drop everything and focus on Jesus. They left everything, their family, their work and followed him. Was that the best model? is that what is expected? Is anyone doing that? How is it working for them? If someone somewhere is doing that we should know about it.  I just don’t understand…This appears to be an insurmountable task that is very difficult if not impossible to achieve. 

The have some tools. Where are the best tools? Please share below.

Help me Jesus to go and make disciples.

Author: Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter is the publisher and editor-in-chief of ChurchTechToday and Christian Media Magazine where she encourages churches to better use technology and media to improve every aspect of ministry. An entrepreneur by birth, she is constantly looking for new ways to author and create for God's Glory. Hailing from Northern California, Lauren writes from the heart at and is also a musician, poet, wife, and mom to four great kids.